The project TRUE ITALIAN TASTE, The Extraordinary Italian Taste – Promotion and Enhancement of the authentic Italian agri-food products is promoted and financed by the Ministry of Economic Development in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Macao and Assocamerestero.

The project is part of a national campaign whose main goal is to promote awareness around the World about the authentic and certified agri-food Italian products, as in the continent supermarkets’ shelves extensively host many products evoking Italy, neither having any connection to Italy nor involving an Italian manufacturer.

GBA Innovation Road

意大利設計委員會成立的目的是在香港推廣意大利傢俬設計,在長達一個月的企劃中,商會挑選合適的陳列室展示創意與品質兼具的意式傢俬。每個展覽都會舉辦「設計之夜」雞尾酒會,讓來賓體驗和了解意式設計的精粹和價值。 is an innovative program that promotes international expansion for Italian high potential start-ups in Asia. The program is organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Macau, the China-Italy Chamber, and is sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Intesa Sanpaolo and Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and supported by the Italian Consulates General in Hong Kong and in Guangzhou.

Italia Mia

ITALIA MIA Festival brings the best of Italian lifestyle to Hong Kong and Macao. The project is dedicated to the promotion of all things Italian, gathering the best Italian cultural and sport events in Hong Kong and Macao in October and November. These carefully edited events cover Italian art, history and culture providing an invaluable opportunity for Hong Kong and Macao citizens to explore and experience the Italian lifestyle. ITALIA MIA is designed to be a culturally enriching experience, where participants will witness a snippet of the Italian Dolce Vita without ever needing to leave Hong Kong.

Ospitalità Italiana

OSPITALITA’ ITALIANA – RISTORANTI ITALIANI NEL MONDO” is a worldwide project conceived by the Italian Republic’s institution Unioncamere with the support of IS.NA.R.T. and the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad. Its main aim is that of enhancing the authentic Italian restaurants abroad, ensuring compliance with quality standards typical of the world-renowned Italian hospitality. It is a project which recognises real Italian restaurants and award them with the “Golden Q”, the Ospitalità Italiana label of Quality.

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