News - June 5, 2018
Unity Space presents the 3rd Hong Kong International Choreography Festival (HKICF)

UNITY SPACE presents the 3rd Hong Kong International Choreography Festival (HKICF) on June 28-30, 2018 at Sheung Wan Civic Centre Theatre at 7:30 pm.

The festival HKICF has returned for the 3rd time in Hong Kong, offering to the local scene a unique multicultural program of contemporary dance. Exclusive contemporary choreographies co-created by 12 international artists-in-residence, 5 worldwide well known choreography masters and 5 Hong Kong artists. 


What makes this festival unique?

Prior to the festival HKICF there is a 4 weeks long collective artists in residency, the HKICAROS (Hong Kong International Collective Artists in Residency for Opportunity and Sustainability) which was debuted on May 28th. This residency unites 23 international artists from different dance backgrounds, culture and ethnicity to co-create and collaborate for producing new dance performances combining contemporary dance, choreography, theatre, visual design, music and voice.

The HKICF is created out of pure collaboration and unity, something that is strong in values of Unity Space that of: Collaboration, Integration, Synergy and Unity. From the 28th to the 30th of June 2018, each evening will feature five to seven creations at the Sheung Wan Civic Centre Theatre.

The festival and the residency is produced and presented by Unity Space with the support-in-kind by CCDC, HKAPA and V54. All artists are offered mentorship, workshop, rehearsal space and publicity to prepare their works along the residency.

Unity Space offers two performance awards of 5000 HKD and 3000 HKD that will be appointed to the best choreographies of the festival which will encourage and nurture the dance community. An arts committee made up of 6 members will evaluate the progress of the artists and their performances.


A collective and holistic educational initiative

Within a cross-cultural environment, the HKICAROS creates a safe collective space to connect and bridge the student-dependent life with the professional-independent career an artist can have. It allows to bridge the gaps between generations, languages, cultures, ethnicities, genders and professional interests through self-awareness, physical and mental expression and profound emotional performance. It provides a substantial support and mentorship to nurture artists as well as a platform for continuous development to become established professional artists

“The essence of HKICAROS comes from a truthful collective spirit to provide to every artist a safe environment opportunity for growth and sustainability. We aim to introduce new pedagogical methodologies for interdisciplinary edifying projects, international festivals, co-op workshops and master classes accessible for young and professional artists.” Mr. Vangelis Legakis, HKICAROS Artistic Director and Unity Space Founder explained. “United, we define borders and limitations, to bypass them and liberate ourselves from any obstacles, difficulties and restrictions to move on in our life and career.”


Scholarship program for the local dancers

Being aware of how it is hard to sustain as an artist, and with the wish to support the local dancers, Legakis offered for this 3rd edition, 3 scholarships to local artists to join the residency and the festival.

About the artist-in-residence you can see all detailed information at the official website: 



For this year’s 3rd edition we invite the Agudo Dance Company based in London to present “Silk Road”, Kaunas Dance Theatre – AURA based in Kaunas Lithuania to present two productions “Godos” and “Ephemeral Shades” as well as a new production by Andrea Pena & Artists from Montreal, Canada.



Agudo Dance Company

Choreography by Jose Agudo

Silk Road

Silk Road is a universal and personal story of East meets West in the 21st century. In collaboration with the renowned classical Indian dancer Mavin Khoo, Agudo weaves his Flamenco roots with a unique, contemporary style. Performed with an evocative live score, Silk Road is a fascinating and vibrant exploration of the rituals along nomadic routes. The journey conjures images of the pilgrims, monks, traders and urban dwellers that made their way from China to the Iberian Peninsula. It is a celebration of diverse cultures and dances, as strong and as delicate as the silk itself.

30th of June 7:30pm



Aura Dance Theatre

Choreography by Vangelis Legakis

Ephemeral Shades  

We are living in a period in which we take decisions driven by external influences. When do we spend quality time on our own to reflect and question deep inside ourselves: “what do I really want to do?”. We face pressure to be socially accepted and we find it hard to balance work commitment with love relationship and family. Where is the fine balance between the self and the other?

29th of June 7:30pm     




Andrea Pena & Artists

Choreography by Andrea Pena

What is a boundary? What do boundaries mean to us as individual and artists from different cultural backgrounds? Are boundaries conscious, subconscious, physical, geographical, emotional, political, cultural? Do we wish to live with or without boundaries? The choreographic work will be conceptually grounded in the idea of BOUNDARIES: “the cease of energy between two counter-lying masses”.

28 of June 7:30pm  



Early bird tickets to HKICF performances are NOW available for purchase until June 14th:

Early Bird: HK$200 General admission / HK$100 Student

Step 1: Make your online banking transfer to HSBC account: Unity Space 652-590878-838

Step 2: Email online banking proof to

Other inquiries: email: or call +852 6561 4588.

Online purchase only available from June 15th 2018 at URBTIX:

HK$220 General admission / HK$120 Student



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