The 7th issue of the Italiancham Magazine has been released!

What are the impacts and consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on our lives and our communities - and what are some of the solutions we can undertake to protect our businesses and employees, support our healthcare systems, and maintain our jobs and education?

We have tried to answer some of these questions in this 7th edition of the Italiancham Magazine. Through these pages, we would like to provide our lectors with comments and suggestions shared by experts of different industries on how to overcome and succeed in this global emergency.

Have a read and find out the behavior of financial markets across the world, the role played by social media during turbulent times, and the pros and cons of working from home.

The extraordinary uncertainty of the situation is testing our collective capacity to respond. Only a combined, coordinated international effort will meet the challenge.


Check the new edition here!


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