News - October 24, 2018
S.Pellegrino launches Design Special Edition with Cappellini

S.Pellegrino, the world’s leading sparkling mineral water with over a century-long heritage of Italian good taste and lifestyle, unveils a new awaited DesignSpecial Edition together with Italian Architect Giulio Cappellini, dedicated to the world of restaurants.  The three limited edition bottles have now launched in Hong Kong and are available at The Mira Hong Kong, The American Club, and the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.

Following a prestigious line of limited editions recognizing Italian talent and style, S.Pellegrino is going back to its origins to celebrate the incredible thirty-year journey that its water undertakes. Indeed, this upcomingDesignSpecial Edition represents the first ever S.Pellegrino design project and embraces this new world through very contemporary visual languages.

The ambitious project has been coordinated by Italian Architect Giulio Cappellini, talent scout for the world’s next top designers and Art Director of Cappellini, who personally handpicked the artists coming from three different continents, each of whom has conceived a different label. All of them together tell the story of S.Pellegrino water through their own vision and personal interpretation of the iconic brand.

For the first time an important brand such as S.Pellegrino, globally reknown for its Italian good taste, approaches the world of design and Cappellini is honoured to be its partner,” said Architect Giulio Cappellini. “I have been personally involved by coordinating the project and, together with S.Pellegrino, by choosing the three designers coming from Europe, Asia and America – that interpreted its label and described the natural and creative journey of its water. These three different marks will become one single story, narrated through a series of events hosted at international level”.

Neri&Hu, award-winning architects and designers hailing from Shanghai, China, whose projects range from architecture to interior and from hotel to restaurant, take a critical approach to their work. Context is key to any project and in the case of S.Pellegrino, the duo have delved into the natural elements of the brand fusing the cyclical theme of past and future. Their label is a sophisticated representation of water in the form of clouds, “deeply rooted in the past with a view to the future, they take us where it all begins, the sky. From here, we start our journey.”

Chicago based artist, Steven Haulenbeek, named by the New York Times in 2015 as one of America’s most exciting designers, is known for his functional sculptures and use of raw materials. Haulenbeek applies his experimental style to his special edition label to illustrate the continuation of the journey through the earth. “I am representing the filtration of rainwater through the ground using an inverted pyramid of flowing lines. The lines descend to the source - the red star - at the center of the label. From the source another pyramid of lines cascades downwards and out into the world.”

The journey of water is completed by award-winning French designer, Philippe Nigro, whose experiences, reinforced by the combination of Franco-Italian culture, allow him to navigate between projects of different types and scales, products and scenographies, working with industry, furniture editors and craftsmen as well. Nigro’s modern interpretation of the classic label looks to the signature sparkling ness synonymous with S.Pellegrino water. ‘From the sky, through the rocks, to the sparkle.’

At S.Pellegrino we believe in passion, excellence and above all talent. Therefore, we are delighted to partner with such an esteemed talent scout and Italian architect, Giulio Cappellini” said S.Pellegrino International Marketing Director, Ilenia Ruggeri. “To champion brilliant designers in celebrating our water and bringing unique pieces of design to the best restaurants, enhancing fine dining moments all over the world”. 

The special bottles were unveiled during Milan Design Week and are now available in Hong Kong at The Mira Hong Kong, The American Club and Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.


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