Member's News - December 11, 2020
ProPosition – HR industry perspective for 2021

The ItalianChamb Magazine team had a chat with Mr Manuele Bosetti, APAC Regional Manager at ProPosition, to get to know more about the HR industry perspective and how 2021 will look like in the employment scene.


How companies faced coming back to the office?

Companies are getting better prepared to face coming new waves of restrictions and social distancing. ProPosition Management Search had already arrangements in place before this year for working remotely, however a lot of companies, especially in Italy, were not prepared for working from home. It took them some time to effectively fine-tune the process. Bigger multinationals, especially the American ones or the Scandinavian ones, were more agile in implementing WFH. Some smaller companies faced a bigger “cultural” problem in letting their staff working unsupervised. Would remote working become the solution for 2021? Remote working will definitely become more popular, even when this pandemic will be over. Most of the employees enjoy working remotely for one or two days per week. After those days of absence from the office, there is a feeling of “disconnect” from the company.

Are these changes momentary or will they be permanent?

A lot of these changes will remain with us for quite some time, a lot of offices will be redesigned and also physical locations of workplaces will be changed since less surface will be required in most offices. Business travel will eventually resume, but not before the next few years, and video conferencing in the next year or so will become the new normal for non-essential business travels. Eventually, business travel, as we knew it in 2019, is expected to resume almost completely to pre-pandemic levels around 2025.

How has the situation been managed?

Different countries replied in different ways. In many Asian countries, the pandemic was better managed than in large parts of Europe and America. Each state had a different response, and also the measures and support that companies received in each country were quite different. ProPosition Management Search, as well as other companies in Hong Kong and Italy, anticipated some measures suggested by the respective Governments to better safeguard the health of their employees.

How does the recruitment and employment scene foresee the next year to come?

Recruitment will pick up again for domestic roles, within specified countries, favoring candidates already physically present in those specific countries. International mobility at senior levels will start again after summer 2021. A few people that lost their job started exploring new professional changes, try to acquire new skills, and will be definitely more open to other possible “plan B” for their careers in 2021. ProPosition Management Search will be happy to support more and more candidates navigating through difficult times next year.


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