Chamber's News - February 7, 2020
The Italian Chamber of Commerce expresses sympathy to the Hong Kong and Macao community

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Macao expresses its deepest sympathy and support to all local and international operators and organisations which are dealing every day with the health emergency in Hong Kong and Macao together with all the population who is generously and respectfully hosting the largest Italian community in China and one of the most numerous in Asia.

The Chamber warmly invites all its members to carefully consult the guidelines and recommendations which are being shared to implement all the necessary precautions to prevent and contain the spreading of the infection.

Relying on trusted sources of information, the Chamber also endeavours to ensure that unnecessary panic and intolerance are avoided in every way; it particularly condemns the latter.

As the main representative of the Italian business community in Hong Kong and Macao, the Chamber expresses closeness to the many Italian companies operating in the area, whose activities are unfortunately heavily affected by the Coronavirus emergency.

In light of the constant commitment to supporting Italian companies in Hong Kong and Macao, the Chamber appreciates that the vital connection of cargo flights to and from Italy has been re-established and also acknowledges that this reopening reduces at least part of the losses that many companies are suffering.

However, the Chamber urges the competent Italian Authorities to reassess the recent decisions on blocking the direct connection of commercial flights between Hong Kong and Italy, bearing in mind that Hong Kong represents one of the main commercial hubs not only in China, but also in the whole region of Southeast Asia.

Re-establishing the aforementioned airlink is a fundamental element to support the high-volume of economic exchanges between the two countries and will also guarantee the possibility for compatriots and their families, albeit with all due precautions, of normal return home.


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