Following the spirit of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals, the Italian Chamber of Commerce is committed to embracing sustainability in our organizational operations. This year, we formed a Sustainability Task Force and developed a multi-year sustainability plan, a framework of strategies built on six specific goals.


We will conduct a full audit of our operations––from event management to marketing––to assess critical points for intervention and then integrate specific targets and strategies into our processes. Moving forward, we hope to demonstrate leadership and set an example for our international community of members and friends in Hong Kong, Macao and beyond.


Meanwhile, as excited we are to achieve our sustainability vision, we foresee the risks and challenges associated. While we will always make our best effort to take action whenever possible, our journey towards the pursuit of our goals will be in a step by step but a continual one. Each year, we hope to share our progress through communication and engagement.

Download our latest sustainability report, here.


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