Member's News - September 29, 2021
CRIF – Together to the next level

CRIF has long been committed to digital and financial inclusion, working responsibly to deliver innovative solutions that improve access to credit and enable excluded and underserved people to access financial services. While improving social inclusion, and thereby reducing inequality, is a company priority, CRIF has recently taken a key role in developing practices, models, tools, and services for sustainable business development. CRIF now provides the financial market with a suite of services designed to integrate ESG factors into Risk Management models and processes, with the aim of helping SMEs to think sustainably and make the market aware of their sensitivity toward environmental, social, and governance issues, increasing their attractiveness to credit institutions and investors. In keeping with this approach, CRIF has also embarked on a path to integrate sustainability into its corporate strategies, policies, and processes, advocating the importance of sustainability principles and actions in day-to-day business activities to pursue continuous development toward a sustainable future.

Based on these principles, CRIF has identified 4 main areas from among the aspects of corporate responsibility that can generate significant economic, social, and environmental impacts on the stakeholder community:

  • Commitment to the Ecosystem of Partners, Suppliers, and Customers
  • Commitment to the CRIF Community
  • Commitment to the Community
  • Commitment to the Environment


CRIF has created a customer-centric ecosystem, working with suppliers and partners in an open ecosystem to create added value for each of its members. CRIF’s commitment to this stakeholder ecosystem translates into ensuring high standards of quality, security, and professionalism, starting from listening to and understanding business and market needs.


CRIF’s activities and services on sustainability issues, which are essential in any sector of the economy and society, cover the entire value chain supporting the credit system, relying on interdisciplinary skills and on the experience gained from years of working in the field.

CRIF’s “Sustainability Value Chain” aims to support the financial market with a comprehensive and modular platform of services designed to:

  • define strategic visions;
  • support the development of sustainability-linked products and services;
  • establish new businesses with an ecosystem-based approach enabled by the open and collaborative technology platform, CRIF DIGITAL, for the overall satisfaction of customer needs;
  • integrate ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) factors into risk management models and processes.


CRIF Group currently has 5,500 personnel distributed across the offices of its subsidiaries in Italy and around the world, 4,000 of which are direct employees. The role of people is essential within CRIF, and it is the contribution they make every day that underlies its success. CRIF’s market leadership position comes from the value created by people and for this reason, professional development is a priority and an asset for the company. CRIF believes in the importance of spreading and developing a culture based on continuous learning, research, and innovation to develop the people who are part of the CRIF community and to continue to guarantee high standards of quality, professionalism, and expertise.


For CRIF, diversity in terms of gender, age, culture, skills, and experience is an asset to invest in to create a dynamic and inclusive working environment, which is unique precisely because of the coexistence of different values. Respect for and the inclusion of differences constitute core values for CRIF, which are referred to and defined in its Code of Conduct and among the core values of its corporate culture. In line with its Code of Conduct, CRIF is committed to respecting the dignity, privacy, and personal rights of every employee and is committed to avoiding any discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Employees are required not to discriminate based on origin, nationality, religion, race, gender, or sexual orientation, or be involved in any kind of verbal or physical harassment based on any of the factors mentioned above, or any other reasons. In this regard, the Human Resources Department, supported by the Labor Law team, protects any employees who believe that the above principles are not respected in their workplace, encouraging them to report it, and guaranteeing confidentiality and protection against all forms of retaliation.

Over the years, CRIF has implemented an equal opportunities policy, encouraging the recruitment of women into its workforce, in all areas of the business. This culture has led to the strong presence of women in the company, both in management and in all levels of the company population, with a balanced gender distribution in Italy and around the world.


CRIF makes a tangible contribution to charitable activities and to raising awareness of non-profit organisations involved in social issues, committing to contribute to improving the society it works in.

Its commitment to the community also takes the form of a series of training initiatives in partnership with local universities, and promotion of business growth in the country through start-up acceleration programs, and raising awareness of equal opportunities and the promotion of financial education and culture.


Respect for the environment is a particularly important value for CRIF, so much so that over recent years the company has embarked on a program of reducing its consumption and environmental impact.

This path involves several initiatives, including a campaign to ban the use of elevators between the lower floors, the introduction of recycling in its offices, and the installation of solar panels at the 3 Bologna offices.

Every year, CRIF takes part in the “M’illumino di meno” energy-saving initiative to raise awareness among its employees of the culture of saving energy and to focus attention on eco-sustainable behaviour.

In 2018, CRIF inaugurated its new operating hub in Varignana, just outside Bologna, which has all the features necessary to be classed as a green building. In fact, from development to planning and design, to construction and daily building management, everything was planned and implemented sustainably from an environmental and social point of view.

Thanks to this approach, CRIF Campus has become the first building in Italy to obtain the Gold Level of the international LEED (Leader in Energy and Environmental Design) v4 certification for the assessment of the sustainability and energy performance of buildings.

It is a globally recognised assessment protocol designed to promote and accelerate the adoption of sustainable building development.

Evolving and developing innovative technological solutions to successfully deal with change is part of CRIF’s DNA, and in the face of a changing environment and new challenges related to the world of work, the approach to the market, to the community, CRIF has shown resilience and strengthened its identity and values. The digitalisation of its solutions and state-of-the-art technology, key elements of its ecosystem, have allowed CRIF to continue to support its customers without interruption, guaranteeing ordinary business management and the usual standards of service.

For more information, please visit CRIF website.



Ms Jenny Hon, Marketing Manager at CRIF Hong Kong Limited



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