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NOBILI RUBINETTERIE is a leading Italian company manufacturing faucets, founded in Borgomanero in the Novara province in 1954 from Carlo Nobili’s entrepreneurial spirit. In 1960 he produced the first series of taps with innovative technologies that could utilize high-quality brass avoiding the huge dispersion of semi-artisanal processing common at that time. This waste reduction allowed Nobili to produce higher quality taps at competitive prices. A philosophy that has shaped the company industrial research managed today by his offsprings Alberto, Pierluigi, Maria Grazia and his grandson Carlo Alberto Nobili. In the ‘80s with the advent of the new water mixing technologies, Nobili Rubinetterie developed a ceramic disks cartridge investing in technological research for water-saving. The industrial development implied an internationalisation process for Nobili leading the way in this sector in over 87 countries. Nearly 3 million pieces coming out from the Suno plants undergo a thorough quality inspection with over 2 thousand hours per year spent in laboratory tests. The Suno plant spreads over a surface of 100,000 square mt and it is classified as a “zero-emission company” thanks to a photovoltaic system made of 9,000 panels which provide total autonomy and assure sophisticated measures for the safeguard of the environment. Nobili is also the only European company with a 100% in-house production cycle. From turning to brass diecasting; from plastic components moulding to chrome plating and polishing, laser processing, packaging, storage and spare parts management. With the introduction of ERP/CRM/MES operating systems (a true Italian industrial innovation), all the technical and IT infrastructures are connected giving the company total control in real-time over each production step, from sale to customer service. All this with high regard to energy saving and recycling of every manufacturing component.


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T: (39) 0322 885885
Via Lagone 32, 28021 Borgomanero (NO)


Ms. Piera Vicario
Area Sales Manager


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