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BIOMY SRL Organic SkinCare Solutions

BIOMY is the new expression of a select group of Italian researchers committed to natural, environmentally-friendly cosmetics. The company specialises in the research and development of products that combine high quality, innovation and revolutionary effectiveness. Production is based on the high functional value of products developed with strictly natural processes, the utmost care, and craft expertise. This approach is aimed at reclaiming the values that underpin small-scale production typical of Italy's heritage, in conjunction with research in technology and innovation within a green and sustainable model for growth. BIOMY's desire is therefore to create cosmetic preparations for extraordinary, unique products for consumers who want to be a proactive, aware and selective customer in modern society.

SIDEREA PRECIOUS ORGANIC SKINCARE is the luxury brand that conveys the values and expertise underpinning BIOMY to perfection. It gives us great pleasure to know that anyone choosing SIDEREA is not just buying a simple cosmetic product, they are buying a select product from BIOMY carefully designed with dedication to universal wellbeing.


RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT of private label cosmetic formulas and complete cosmetic lines in order with Italian quality and tradiction CONSULTANCY AND ASSISTANCE in choosing the most appropriate packaging through our collaboration with the most important manufacturers in the industry, all strictly Made in Italy. BIOMY is searching for distributors/retailers for SIDEREA PRECIOUS ORGANIC SKINCARE in Hong Kong and Macao.


Member Information


T: (0039) 348 7623664

Via XXVIII Aprile, 5 35043 Monselice (Padova) Italy


Ms. Lara Zorzan
Sales Manager


Ms. Deborah Francescon
Research and Development Manager


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