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WE LOVE FOOD! The excitement of discovering new products, trying simple and delicious bites or complex and amazing looking dishes that reinvent the rules of ingredient combination and cooking techniques. We could spend hours talking about food and often we do.

WE LOVE WINE! The incredible variety of styles and flavours that fermented grape juice can offer us. The history that each bottle tell us about the soil, the hand that tended the vines and the wine maker that transformed the grapes into a delicious liquid.

WE LOVE OUR JOB! We find family run, artisanal producers that work with a passion for their products and the environment that supplies them, and we make them available in Hong Kong for everyone who, like us is passionate about food and cooking. To a chef, great ingredients are a source of inspiration and indispensable tools for creation. We are very happy to have the opportunity to supply these tools by sourcing for the best products available. We love tradition but also innovation! We believe the best tradition is the one that survives with a healthy dose of innovation. The producers we love and work with are a real excellence in their own field, they manufacture with love, following tradition while introducing sensible innovation to keep up with the world of modern gastronomy.

WE LOVE HONG KONG! We have been around for quite some time, since Mosun Abrate started importing Piedmonts wines in 1997. We have experienced all the changes and ups and down Hong Kong has gone through in the past 20 years and we have never stopped supplying our trusting customers. With its diverse culinary offer and incredible quality of food and service, Hong Kong is a paradise for every food lover.

WE LOVE WHAT WE HAVE ACHIEVED! In all these years we have been supplying products to Hong Kong we have managed to gain the appreciation of most of the top chefs and F&B professionals in Hong Kong and Macau. We are very proud of the trust our customers place in us.


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T: (852) 2217 0006
Unit 2A, 2nd floor, Regency Centre Phase 1,
39 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong


Ms. Mosun Abrate
Managing Director


Ms. Liza Peverelli
Operations and Sales Manager


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