Webinar: Best Practice - Supply Chain & Logistic Management
Webinar: Best Practice – Supply Chain & Logistic Management

The shipping industry has been facing different challenges in the recent period and numerous others are materializing for the upcoming future. As logistics is a crucial aspect for the supply chain management, being able to direct and influence cargo shipping, products movements and consumer demand could hold the balance of power in the current, increasingly complex, sourcing and transport sector.

A deep knowledge of supply chains and logistic industry is the cornerstone of the management of raw materials’s flow, competitiveness, and the assurance that the finished products will provide value to the consumer.

During the course of this seminar, our experts from APC and MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company will analyze the recent changes in the logistic industry regarding the shipping flow, with particular focus on the trade transitioning and departing from Hong Kong.

Our guests will have the opportunity to learn from the key players in the logistic sector about the latest development and the prime challenges in the supply industry to achieve a better understanding on which are the best practices to apply to reach the competitive advantage in such a complex sector.

Join us on Wednesday 27th January, take part in this webinar and do not miss the chance to learn about the useful updates and insightful thoughts of our skilled panelists!



Philip Cheng – General Manager, Trade, Sales and Corporate Account, Export Department, HK, SPRC, Taiwan, MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company

Philip has been the General Manager of Trade and Sales for MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company in Hong Kong since 2010.

Philip has over 25 years of extensive experience in shipping. He started his career in the transport and logistics industry with Jardine freight service as a sales trainee in 1995. Subsequently, he joined Norasia and Hanjin Senator where he worked in commercial roles spanning different regions.

In 2002, he joined MSC in Hong Kong as an Assistant Sales Manager focusing on the Europe and Mediterranean trades. As the General Manager of Trade and Sales, he currently oversees the export trades from Hong Kong, South China and Taiwan to worldwide destinations.

Philip holds a Master’s degree from the Macquarie University in Australia with a focus on marketing management.


Aldo Soprani – Group CEO, APC Asia Pacific Cargo

Italian born in Milan, spent almost his entire career in Logistics and Freight Forwarding. Moved to Asia 20 years ago, based in Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore and since 6 years in Hong Kong. Heads a small multinational company owned by a Japanese logistics giant. APC Logistics is based in Hong Kong with branches in Greater China, Europe and South-East Asia. The company is specialized in Freight Forwarding, E-Commerce fulfilment, Railfreight and Logistics value added services.





January 27 2021, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


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Webinar: Best Practice - Supply Chain & Logistic Management

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