Italy: Territory of Taste – The Sicilian Tradition
Italy: Territory of Taste – The Sicilian Tradition

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong is glad to present “The Authentic Italian Table”, a project within the TRUE ITALIAN TASTE* national campaign, aimed at consolidating the knowledge of the authentic Italian products in the Hong Kong and Macao market, with particular focus on PDO-PGI products.

The Authentic Italian Table series will include an educational virtual tour on September 18th dedicated to the Sicily region and Tasca D’Almerita Winery.

Discover Sicily, an amazing island rich in history and traditions, where you can find diversity in landscapes and timeless sceneries. Sicily represents all over the world one of Italy’s enogastronomic excellences.

Through our Sicilian virtual tour, hosted by Corrado Maugeri, Manager at Tenuta Regaleali, our guests will learn more about the vineyard that expresses the character of the traditional Sicilian grapes.



With over 200 years with 8 generations, the Tasca D’Almerita Family has been expressing their love for Sicily through their wines. Tasca D’Almerita Winery is a pioneer of agricultural innovation and custodian of farming’s most authentic values, protecting the Sicilian territory’s unique ecosystem.

The international varieties take on unique flavours and aromas that are recognisably only in the Mediterranean territory.

Our guests will make the most of their time at home with The Authentic Italian Table experience with Chef Fabrizia Lanza and the wine and tourism expert Corrado Maugeri who will share their knowledge about Sicilian enogastronomy history and traditions.



Corrado Maurigi Brand Manager, Tenuta Regaleali, Tasca d’Almerita

Corrado Maurigi considers wine one of the most alive elements in nature and is an incomparable storyteller, particularly when it comes to sharing tales and age-old secrets from the incredible winemaking region in which he lives and works. Corrado Maurigi, born in 1976, was originally responsible for Tenuta Capofaro on the island of Salina before moving into his current role as hospitality and brand manager for Tenuta Regaleali, the storied home of the Tasca d’Almerita family since 1830 and open-air viticultural laboratory. A professional sommelier, official ONAV taster, WSET level II graduate and passionate vigneron, Corrado takes pride in travelling the world to share the agricultural philosophy of Tasca: the ways in which the generations-deep family tends to the land and fosters their vines with keen attention to sustainability, not to mention the wines themselves – products of years of research and wisdom.


Fabrizia Lanza, Director of the Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School

Fabrizia Lanza brings the joys and knowledge of Sicilian food and culture into people’s lives around the world. Born in Palermo, Fabrizia grew up with her family’s 200-year-old agricultural estate in the heart of Sicily, home to the international winery Tasca D’Almerita. After obtaining a degree in Art History, she worked for 25 years as an art curator. Meanwhile, Fabrizia’s mother, Anna Tasca Lanza, established the well-known Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School in 1989 to promote Sicilian cuisine to a foreign audience. In 2006, Fabrizia decided to join Anna’s venture to be closer to her family and reconnect with Sicilian food and its environment. As the current owner and Executive Director of Anna Tasca Lanza, Fabrizia has transformed her mother’s cooking school into a hub of Sicilian food knowledge and culture. Beyond the food-centric workshops and lessons throughout the year, in 2016 Fabrizia created an experiential food education course. In addition, in 2018 she founded the Food Heritage Association is a non-profit initiative that achieves its aim of valorising local gastronomic practices through research and documentation. 




*This event is part of the TRUE ITALIAN TASTE, part of a national campaign whose main goal is to promote awareness around the world about the authentic and certified agri-food Italian products.  TRUE ITALIAN TASTE is promoted and financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and implemented by Assocamerestero, in collaboration with the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad.



Online Streaming


September 18 2020, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


This Event is By Invitation Only


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