The Women’s Leadership Network Committee (WLN) is a network of women professionals based in Hong Kong. WLN Members regularly gets together for networking events, business seminars on career advancement and informal gatherings. The WLN is an instrument for Hong Kong professional women who seek to expand their professional network, learn about Hong Kong companies’ best practices, exchange personal experiences and build strong personal relationships. The WLN also collaborates with other Hong Kong and Macao women networks, associations and NGOs to promote a more diverse, inclusive and therefore competitive environment in the local corporate scene.


The Italian Young Professionals Committee is a group dedicated to promoting the business growth of its members through different projects and activities. Its members are all young professionals (under the age of 35) who are taking their first steps in the business world and need to build the necessary skills to have a successful path.


DESIGN ITALIANI is a month long project which celebrates and promotes awareness of the Italian furniture design in Hong Kong and Macao. To promote the quality, style and creativity of Italian design products the Chamber selects the most respected showrooms displaying true Italian design pieces. A “Design Night” cocktail is then held in each venue with the aim of letting the guests experience the essence of Italian creativity and understand why it is important to properly value them. Guests are treated with the best Italian wines and canapés, whilst attending a short talk by acclaimed guest speakers from the design industry.


This project intends to promote the exchange of ideas and raise awareness about current threats and solutions for companies whose products’ identity might be vulnerable in the Hong Kong, Macao and the Greater China market. The TaiPP committee holds both a workshop series events for SME, as well as internal meetings for its own members in order to develop an effective international environment where innovation and creativity can flourish.

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