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Address :Cris Conf Hong Kong Limited
Suite 904, Ocean Centre, Canton Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Cris Conf Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Unit 5146, Raffles City, No 268 Xi Zang Middle Road, Shanghai, China
Tel :(852) 2377 0077 | (8621) 2312 7577
Fax :(852) 2377 3370
Representative :Mr. Tim NG
Title :Account and Administration Assistant
Company Activities and Background :

CRIS CONF Spa is founded in the early 1980s by Pietro Negra, the current CEO, and Cristina Rubini, PINKO is a contemporary fashion brand with a distinct Italian spirit. In the finest tradition of Italian style, the business today includes Pietro’s daughters Cecilia and Caterina who are dedicated to the company’s communications and style offices respectively. 

Creative flair and quality are the supporting values expressed through forwardlooking collections. Attention to being au courant, technological innovation, a spirit of participation and an across-the-board perception of style has sculpted our worldwide success over the years. 

PINKO relies upon research and the quality of Italian handcrafts for original and astonishing creations that are also easy to wear. Ours are sophisticated yet accessible products.

Over the years, PINKO has created a model of a woman who is determined, feminine, metropolitan, playful and interested in what is happening around her. 

PINKO is present throughout Italy, Europe and around the world, numbering 170 retail stores. Until 2009, PINKO Canton Road Hong Kong was set up, and now Pinko has 26 shops in Greater China region, also with the presence in Macao.